Vexed Upon Humanity


The human race is an abomination

Despite their fate, in the stars-

Mapped out in the constellation,

all they do is infect their world.


Atlas struggles to hold the world up.

Sweat seeps from his pours,

His muscles ache.

What would happen if he quit?

Would the Earth share the same fate as Humpty Dumpty?

The fear of it shattering in millions of pieces seems like an inevitable fate now.


Temptation chips away at Atlas’s hope

That humans will one day hold this weight up on their own.

Demons snap at his feet.

Hades laughs at his struggle.

Why must Atlas persist?

Why push through agony to save a damned species?

Like everything else, mankind cannot escape their fate.


Perhaps they deserve this fate I have dreamt.

I have studied this curious creature

Through un-bias eyes.

So many are impaired by their hubris,

Their own foolishness.


Those learned ones see as I do

But are muted by the noise of the world.


The pleasures of humanity

Distract the forces of life

That everyone must see.

See, in order to escape from the

Inevitability of self destruction.


Enjoy the beauty of your mother earth.

Enjoy the elements of the world.

The stars, sun and sky are wondrous.

Dance in the rain.

Music is the universal translator, enjoy it.

Realize you are just a speck of dust in a giant’s eye.

Be humble.

Although small, you have the potential to do great things.


Wake up.

I see vain kids, thinking they are so fantastic

‘cause they can cause people pain.

Can you image what it would feel like to starve to death?

To be cast into a life not your own?

Wake up.


I cry for all the pain in your world.


All things are always changing,

You can too.

Before man thought himself to be a great being,

He was just a seed.

Strength grew into him.

He, looking upon his muscles grew conceded.

Then he, started not only to hurt his own, but his fellow creatures too.


These poor innocent animals.

You use ‘em and murder ‘em,

But you don’t even need ‘em.

Adopt the teachings of Pythagoras.

You shall see that your mother grew food for you

Whose weight bores down bending branches.

There are grapes for you that swell on green vines and pleasant herbs.

Greens too, which are made soft and mellow with cooking.

All things free from treachery.

Earth is generous with food that requires no blood-shed.


You make the evils your partners in the abomination,

Saying they love the blood of bulls in heaven.


Shall flesh be the tomb of flesh?

One living creature shall not live on the death of another.


Time devours all things.

Do not go looking far and wide,

Indulging in worldly pleasures.

For blood shall not nourish blood.

The slow gnawing of time consumes all things.


Death is only ceasing of what there were before.


Enjoy life and do not waste time looking for wasteful things.

For what you need is in front of thee.


Aphrodite opens her arms, offering love that will cure all.

Accept her gift,

Use it.

Do not let Athena tempt you

No love shall come from war.

Violence cures nothing.

No good come from cannons and firearms

Meaning to do harm.

For love is like water.

Water persists.

Water carves through the thickest of stone.


Take these gifts we of intellectual superiority have given you.

Use them to your advantage.


Perhaps mankind can change their fate.

We are the wind.

Do not fight us for we can direct

You down a different path.

Maybe, and only then, will mankind

No longer ignorantly float down the river toward self-destruction.   


                                                         -Amanda Portner 2009

Writer's Block: In a Former Life

Do you believe in reincarnation? If your answer is "yes," describe some of your past lives.
Some people have to go through most of their life before they gain wisdom. Others, just seem to of been born wise.
This is another reason why I believe in reincarnation.

It seems like this is definitely not my first time around.
The fist life was simple. I was a sunflower. My first days I was just a lonely seed in a dark world. As time went on I began to spread, tasting the earth. I stretched up through the soil. I met the air, I smiled at the sky, and the sun kissed me with her light. I enjoyed the breeze and the cool, rich texture of the soil simultaneously. It wasn't long before I began to resemble the characteristics of a flower. The summer was beautiful, I was content. Although grounded, I felt free. The air began to feel chilly. I knew I would not come back next spring. I began to wilt at this idea. It was a bittersweet end. I used to be so young, now my pedals did not hold the same bright yellow they once did. The first frost arrived. I shriveled, that life had ended.

My second life was spent as a bird. That's where my free spirit came from. I was only a small, timid bird though. It would be silly of me to think that I was ever something magnificent, like an eagle. I was not a scavenger, not a vulture though. Perhaps a swallow or a robin.
I flew over cities, seeing many people. Sometimes I would swoop down for some crumbs, or to rest. I saw the many emotions of the world through the people. Of course I saw happiness, but I would also see them cry. Violence was no stranger to my eyes. I cried for the people often. They were so grounded, not able to fly up to the clouds if needed, like I could. They weren't able to just get away from the foul air of their people. Wings can flap much faster and farther than legs could ever run. I learned a lot in the short time I had as a bird. I was always so caught up in seeing the world I flew over. I hardly realized when all the other birds had left for the winter, by that time it was too late.

My third life I was not so foolish.
Mother Earth gave me the body of a human. This was a great blessing, as well as a curse. I had spent my days pitying the bipedal creatures in my past life. It was almost ironic that I was to dwell in the flesh of one. The beginning of my human life was typical, a foolish, blissfully ignorant tootler, just running and tripping through life. It wasn't until my teenage years that my eyes truly began to open. I suppose the human life works that way. It takes longer for us to stop and actually look around us. And here I am. This, blissfully aware human, loving the world, standing in awe of it every day. At the same time, hating the rest of typical humanity for their foolishness. It is up to me what this new path will bring. My foolish legs can't wait to walk the path of my destiny.

Writer's Block: So Long, Farewell

It's the last day in office for George Bush. There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about Bush's legacy. What do you think he will be most remembered for?
People always remember the strangest things. Despite the war, 911, the economy, etc, I think people will remember Bush's speaking mistakes. This may seem a bit sad, but we find it to be amusing. Does it not seem possible that history will remember it as well?

Writer's Block: The Internet

Happy birthday, Internet! The Internet, of course, has changed many things for the good. But is it all good? What is the biggest problem the Internet has created for you or the world?
Personally, it is a huge distraction.
I will need to do a whole list of stuff, and some how or another i end up on the internet. Then, i don't get off for a couple hours.

Writer's Block: Eat Your Vegetables

The fall harvest is showing up in markets now, including many of the green vegetables children find so disgusting and yet are forced to eat. What is the most disgusting thing you’ve eaten, either by choice or against your will?
The most disgusting thing I have eaten, voulentaraly, was caviar. The taste was sour in my mouth. The texture felt weird on my tounge. The after taste was that of a mouth full of ocean. It was really gross. Then after all that, i realised that i basically ate a fish baby. Poor fish egg.